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Sustainability.. our Pursuit

Sustainability.. our Pursuit

Our pursuit it to maintain sustainability imperative within the resort, it is important that we enhance and protect the worlds built, natural, and social environment by delivering effective sustainable solutions for our establishment, and most importantly, a truly unique and memorable experience for our guests. The key to success is to adapt new ways in order to avoid further changes and preserve the environment surrounding us.

We fully realize our responsibility for the environment by improving waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, clean air practices, preserving the natural environment, and community involvement; throughout all of our daily practices.

Reducing Waste through Good Practice

Reducing Waste through Good Practice

We aim to minimize our use of natural and manmade resources in our daily operations and projects by incorporating non-intrusive, 'bottom-line friendly' sustainable business operations and practices, all the while ensuring guests continue to receive the utmost highest level of service and amenities. We will continue to reduce waste from our activities wherever possible, and where we produce waste we will maximize the amount that is either reused or recycled.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle is the foundation of our waste management efforts, with untold environmental and cost-saving benefits.

The Shore Handbags will save you the added trouble of plastic bags, and save the environment so much more.

All-Organic Compost is mulched from our green waste of plant and grass clippings, which is further enhanced with Effective Microorganisms, and then goes back to the gardens.

Bulk Buying & Returnable Containers are a staple in our environmentally friendly purchasing policy, as we only select venders of mutual mindset and practice as ourselves.

Saving Energy through Attention

Saving Energy through Attention

We are committed to energy efficiency through reducing our environmental impact arising from energy consumption throughout our facilities and promoting the use of clean, energy efficient sustainability in our designs.

Modern Lighting has been carefully integrated into all guestrooms and facilities, as opposed to traditional incandescent light bulbs, with an emphasis on not sacrificing ambiance.

Natural Lighting has been elegantly incorporated into the design of all facilities, saving great amounts of electricity and enhancing the guest’s experience.

Efficient Appliances are only considered when purchasing, according to their ability to save vast amounts of power and uphold over the test of time.

Conserving Mindsets is the standard among our team members, which means turning-off lights and air-conditioning when not in use, without thinking twice about the process.

Conserving Water Everyday by Design

Conserving Water Everyday by Design

As our property is located on an island with a limited supply of fresh water, it is absolutely vital that we continue to set and achieve consistent standards, performance benchmarking, and strive to maintain a culture that embraces the challenge of change, and adapts to new policies and procedures in a constructive professional manner.

Absolute Efficiency is achieved from our careful choosing of equipment, which includes the most efficient models of faucets, shower heads, and flushing units available.

Freshwater comes from a completely sustainable source, our purpose-built reservoir supply, reserving the regions precious water resources.

Water-Reuse Systems are integrated into each villa unit, to which each unit has its own individual system, which provides water for the tropical plants and garden areas surrounding.

Xeroscaping is utilized throughout the grounds, which exhibits native flora and fauna, requiring significantly less water for gardening practices.

Contributing to Cleaner Air with Care

Contributing to Cleaner Air with Care

We are working to make your stay with us more carbon efficient, and our target is to ensure that we make significant progress on this.

We will take all reasonable steps to minimize and where possible, offset emissions and encourage our staff, suppliers, and guests to help us contribute to a cleaner air.

Bio-Diesel can be produced using the spent cooking oil from the kitchens, providing us with effective and low-emissions fuel for our staff transport.

Local Vendors make up the grand majority of our supply line, eliminating the need for unnecessary transportation and other energy-consuming effects.

V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are completely avoided when items are to be printed and through the careful selection of building materials.

Ozone-Depleting Substances such as C.F.C.s and H.C.F.C.s, specifically because of their harmful effects, were avoided throughout the selection of air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Giving the Green & Natural Experience

Giving the Green & Natural Experience

With the pristine beautiful surroundings of Kata Noi Beach, we see our role as custodians of this wonderful natural asset and are committed to its long-term sustainability. We believe it is imperative that we take all reasonable measures to preserve and maintain the immediate and wider environment for the prosperity and enjoyment of future generations and to ensure the continuing success and viability of our establishment. We have and will continue to actively manage the grounds to restore them to their correct tropical origins, only planting species of local provenance that belong there and removing their non-native invasive species. Chemical based products, including fertilizers, will be completely minimized and replaced with organic alternatives, wherever possible, with the aim of being 100% organic in the future. With the continued commercial success of The Shore, we believe, in turn will further ensure the long-term preservation and sustainability of our establishment and its surrounding environment.

Organic-Based Menus adorn our restaurants, providing guests with a healthy diet while staying, which might not otherwise be available otherwise.

Flora & Fauna make up most of the landscape throughout the property, providing our guests a serene and natural environment to enjoy their holiday.

Ko Green Products are a completely all-natural organic line of cleaning agents, which we use throughout the facilities to provide a safe and environmentally-friendly clean.

Saltwater Pools are an exclusive at The Shore, greatly reducing the amount of chlorine produced and eliminating the need for other potentially harmful chemical usage.

Supporting the Community Responsibly

Supporting the Community Responsibly

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our proprietary borders, and we are committed to our local community and acting in a socially responsible manner in the conduct of our business. We take a position of leadership in the community in a range of activities, including environmental best practice, supporting local charities and support groups, providing opportunity for local persons to join our team, and getting involved in local community projects and initiatives. When purchasing, we will seek products and services of local origin and that are environmentally benign, and will seek to encourage our suppliers and business partners to adopt low environmental impact and sustainable solutions to further environmental debate and understanding, which will in turn benefit the community by contributing to a sustainable local economy. We also find the importance to treat our staff, partners, and suppliers as valued stakeholders in the business, discharging liabilities and resolving disputes as a professional caring forthright organization; there by treating them as we ourselves as an organization would wish to be treated; in a fair and equitable manner.

We Love Hometown Foundation provides work for the local taxi drivers, whom are not employed by The Shore, giving them the responsibility and economic opportunity.

Local Purchasing Policy provides the community with a sustainable future by providing steady work and outlets for their products.

Team Members are hired with a priority given that they come from the local community, ensuring them with a prosperous future working at our establishment.

Local Schools are incredibly important to the community as they are to us, and we are involved with these institutions and children to ensure a bright future for so many.

Environmental Policy

To ensure sustainable business practices throughout our establishment,
we will…

  • Identify, implement, & improve effective environmental initiatives.
  • Maintain, measure, & manage all environmental aspects and safety.
  • Comprehend, comply, & commit to all relevant regulations regarding the environment, at all times.
  • Engage, encourage, & encompass our team members for their active integration.
  • Inform, influence, & integrate with our partners and collaborators on environmental issues.
  • Set, support, & strengthen new efforts in environmental management.